Reinstatement 2022/2023:

Reinstatement of all temporary traffic calming measures occurs with the concurrence of the Councillor. Given the shortened period for the election year in 2022, this occurred shortly after. The few locations that were not reinstated were based on resident feedback via email and in person conversations. (See table below in Annex A).

New Measures 2022/2023:

Referring to the timeline for the Temporary Traffic Calming (TTC) program, new measures to be instated in 2023 were discussed with the traffic department throughout the winter of 2022/2023. These measures have been/will be implemented throughout summer 2023. Resident feedback via emails, from both public meetings and in person conversations, was recorded and used as a basis for these changes. There were also changes that had been agreed to by the previous Councillor which proceeded for implementation in 2023, as the design phase had already been completed. Resident feedback is continuously being recorded for ongoing discussions with the traffic department, and measures are implemented based on the recommendations of traffic staff in addition to resident feedback. Total spending for the temporary traffic calming program in 2023 was approximately $20,000. This leaves a residual amount of approximately $60,000 to be reprofiled next year’s traffic calming budget and for designs to be consulted on and implemented in 2024.

TTC MeasureStreetFromto
Cyclo-Zone DelineatorsKilborn AveAlta Vista DrHaig Dr
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone DelineatorsAlta Vista DrDorionBalfour Ave
Flex StakesAlta VistaSmythHospital Link
Thermoplastic “Stop Ahead”FairbanksRoger
Speed Pavement MarkingsMountbattenCavendishBlossom
Flex Stakes modificationFeatherstonBriar Hill DrRyder
Bulb outs with delineatorsMelfort StWalkleyTawney
Flex Stakes modificationJoliffe St
Speed BoardJoliffe St
2 Speed BoardsTawney RdMagnusHeaton
Painted Bulb-Out with DelineatorsEvans BlvdHeron RdBank St
Painted Bulb-Out with DelineatorsRyderFeatherstonWalkley


Gateway speed limit signs reduce an area’s speed limit to 40 km/h. The placement of the signs and the size of the gateway areas throughout the city were approved by Council in 2018. There shared provincial and municipal responsibility with the program. As such, modifications such as the placement of signage or frequency of designating gateways are not always possible through this program.

The default for gateway areas is 40km/h. All ‘local’ roadways qualify for this speed limit regardless of the operating speed and without the need for a petition or traffic calming measures. If requested, a review can be done to reduce the gateway limit to 30km/h, however the 30km/h Speed Limit policy would need to be met. 30km/h speed limits require:

1) the operating speed of the roadway be under 35km/h


2) If the operating speed is above 35km/h, a petition is required, and the Ward would need to fund TTC measures to narrow the width of the roadway to 7m or less for the first 9m at each intersection.

Every year, wards can designate one area with a gateway speed limit, without using funds from their Temporary Traffic Calming budget. In 2023, two gateway areas were selected based on the recommendation of traffic staff and feedback from residents highlighting the need for reduced speed around schools.

The areas in blue were designated 40km/h this year:

Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (NTC):

The Neighbourhood Traffic Calming program (NTC) is a city-wide program which focuses on requests for street redesign and permanent traffic calming measures. Streets must qualify for this program, then are prioritized city-wide. More information on the NTC program and the qualification process, please visit:

Haig Drive is currently undergoing redesign under the NTC program. Details on this project can be found here:

Playfair Drive has also been selected to be an accelerated NTC project. The design for this project is expected to be released for consultation in early August 2023. When this becomes available it will be shared in my weekly newsletter and on my website.

2024 and beyond:

In September 2023, a survey will be released through the Ward 18 newsletter. This will be used to gather feedback on existing traffic calming measures and issues throughout our ward. This data, along with data compiled from all forms of resident communication on traffic throughout the year will be used to inform TTC measures in 2024. Proposed measures will be shared with the affected communities for feedback prior to implementation in 2024.

Pedestrian crossings:

Pedestrian Crossings (PXOs) are not a part of the TTC program; however, they are a part of the traffic plan. The majority of Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs) in the City of Ottawa are installed and funded by the PXO program. This is a capital program that was first approved in 2019. PXOs are also installed through City programs or projects as well as part of new developments.

For locations selected and funded through the PXO program, a prioritization exercise is conducted on an annual basis to select locations from a growing list of 68 warranted locations. Locations on the list must be prioritized for installation given the limited funding available per year. The annual funding for the PXO program is approximately $500K with a PXO installation cost ranging from $2k to $95k+, depending on the type of PXO required and existing intersection/midblock condition.

In line with our goals and objectives for the Road Safety Action Plan, we aim to prioritize locations where the most safety benefits can be achieved. This prioritization methodology takes into consideration the following factors: three years of collision data, ratio of pedestrian to vehicular volume, posted speed, roadway classification, effective lanes, and location (Midblock or intersection, near school areas).

PXO locations currently on the priority list in Ward 18:

  • Cedarwood between Baycrest and Walkley (2870 Cedarwood)
  • Terminal between Standford Fleming and Trainyard Dr (at 395 Terminal)
  • Pleasant Park between Delmar and Dorval
  • Alta Vista at Charles H. Hulse Public School

Based on City staff prioritization, Cedarwood between Baycrest and Walkley Type C PXO has been selected for further design and cost review as a potential candidate for installation in 2023.

In addition, the locations below have been identified to be implemented through other programs:

  • Arch & Fleming
  • Valley at Goren
  • Pleasant Park at Valley
  • Canterbury between Arch and Plesser

City staff will continue to conduct this review on an annual basis to select locations for installation through the PXO program. Please note, the following locations have been requested for PXO warrant review. These locations will be studied in Spring/Summer 2023:

  • Acton St & Station Blvd
  • Playfair & Beaumont
  • Kilborn at Prospect
  • Kilborn & McQuaig

Annex A- Reinstated measures in 2023:

TTC MeasuresStreetFromTo
Cyclo-Zone Delineators (Reinstatement)Alta Vista DrClontarf AveRandall Ave
Flex Stakes (reinstatement)Beaver AveKilborn AveRandall Ave
Flex Stakes (reinstatement)Coronation AveRussell RdNeighbourhood Way
Flex Stakes (reinstatement)Harding RdSamuel DrHorton St
Flex Stakes (reinstatement)Kilborn AveAlta Vista DrHaig Dr
Flex Stakes (reinstatement)Southvale CresErinbrook CresGlendevon Crt
Flex Stakes (reinstatement)Tawney RdDwight CresMaywood St
Flex Stakes (reinstatement)Utah StKilborn AveRandall Ave
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Briar Hill DrHeron RdFeatherston Dr
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Crestview RdNorwood AveAlta Vista Dr
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Delmar DrDevlin CresDevlin Cres
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Featherston DrKilborn AveKilborn Ave
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Haig DrDauphin RdKilborn Ave
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Halifax DrCanterbury AveBingham St
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Joliffe StSt. Laurent BlvdMelfort St
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Playfair DrKilborn AveDelmar Dr
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Pleasant Park RdAlta Vista DrOthello Ave
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Russell RdSouthvale CresSouthvale Cres
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Saunderson DrHaig DrHalifax Dr
Flex Stakes/Cyclo-Zone Delineators (reinstatement)Virginia DrKilborn AveFeatherston Dr
Painted Bulb-Out with Delineators  (reinstatement)Blackstone CresSouthvale Cres 
Painted Bulb-Out with Delineators  (reinstatement)Edge Hill PlHeron RdAlta Vista Dr
Painted Bulb-Out with Delineators  (reinstatement)Hamlet RdDauphin RdHaig Dr
Painted Bulb-Out with Delineators  (reinstatement)McQuaig StKilborn Ave 
Painted Bulb-Out with Delineators  (reinstatement)MicMac StAlta Vista DrMcQuaig St
Painted Bulb-Out with Delineators  (reinstatement)Orillia StMcQuaig StAlta Vista Dr
Painted Bulb-Out with Delineators  (reinstatement)Ryder StMichigan AveWalkley Rd