One of the most frequent traffic calming requests my office receives is to have speed humps installed in a neighbourhood. Recently, speed humps were made available as part of the Temporary Traffic Calming (TTC) program. These offer the benefit of being a year-round measure to calm traffic. However, they are costly to install, can cause vibrations felt by nearby homes, and do not always provide the desired traffic calming effect unless multiple speed humps are installed in succession on a street. Speed humps must also be placed in a location in which they do not interfere with driveways, road curvature, and existing water/sewer infrastructure. Nonetheless, with community consultation and staff support, speed humps are able to be built throughout the ward.

From resident feedback City Staff are currently reviewing the following locations for speed humps:

  • Edge Hill Pl.
  • Blossom Dr.
  • Chapman Blvd.
  • Weston Dr.
  • Featherston Dr.
  • Grasmere Cres.

Note: a location must first be found suitable by City Staff and community support must be shown to proceed with construction of speed humps

2023 Consultation Updates

I am happy to announce that city staff have recommended moving forward with the following proposed speed humps: two on Joliffe Street and one on Tawney Road (see map below). My office has received mixed feedback regarding these locations; however, I would like to highlight that these locations have been recommended for the following reasons:  These locations do not interfere with the transit route or key emergency response routes, they are at an approved distance from intersections and signal lights, and the history of vibrations were reviewed in the area and there have been none. Further, this does not affect the existing water/sewage infrastructure.

They are located near the park at St. Luke School (2485 Dwight Crescent), they do not interfere with driveways or curves in the road (which do not allow for speed hump placement) and will likely have an impact on slowing traffic near the park, which is an area of significant concern.

The speed display boards located on Tawney Road will be moved once the speed humps have been installed to spread out traffic calming measures in the neighbourhood. I understand there are many areas of concern in the ward, and high demand for speed humps throughout the area. Please note that these are just the first measures that are being considered.

Locations of Joliffe speed humps:

Location of Tawney speed hump: