I am pleased with the investments detailed in the 2024 draft budget. I am happy to have worked to advocate for additional investment in stormwater management and infrastructure renewal. This includes planning for major weather events such as flood plain mapping.

Additionally, this budget has allocated funding for the implementation and planning of the Urban Forestry Management Plan, which our community continues to be strong advocates of. This plan includes 26 recommendations for growing Ottawa’s urban forest including the goal to achieve a climate appropriate degree of tree cover community-wide and maintaining a city-wide forest cover target of 40%.

Unfortunately, we continue to see record use of the city’s food bank network. I am happy to have worked with the Mayor’s office to secure an additional $400,000 of funding to agencies who are providing direct food assistance to our city’s most vulnerable.

We will continue to update this page with highlights as I take time to read through this year’s draft budget.

The following investments are city wide commitments that I am particularly encouraged to see included in the draft 2024 budget. These investments address key issues that I have heard are of concern of the community and areas on which I continue to work with city staff and stakeholders.

Infrastructure and Water Services

  • $10,870,000M for upgrades to sidewalks and pathways city wide. We will continue to work with City staff to identify priority areas in Alta Vista in need of renewal and patch that are not eligible for full upgrades.
  • $2,500,000M for accessibility upgrades and enhancements city wide.

Community and Social Services

  • $21,800,000M for municipal investment in affordable housing – committed annually under the Housing Long Range Financial Plan. A $15 million municipal capital investment has been allocated for 2024 to 2026.
  • $30,028,686M for municipal investment allocated through the Community Funding Framework to invest financial and capacity building resources in the non-profit social services sector to address the root causes of poverty and increase equitable access to services for residents facing the greatest needs and barriers in our community. This will include over $400,000 for the sustainability fund to support non profits who deliver relief to those suffering from food insecurity

Urban Forestry Management Plan

  • $280,000 for 2 permanent resources and 2 temporary student positions to implement the recommendations of the second management period of the Urban Forestry Management Plan (UFMP) to directly support the development and early implementation of new tree planting programs. This plan lays out the city’s commitment to maintain 40% tree cover across the city and includes 26 recommendations to maintain and grow the city’s urban forest.

Stormwater Management and Flood Mitigation

  • $51.5 million in overall stormwater infrastructure
  • over $43 million in stormwater collection rehabilitation
    • over $6 million in stormwater infrastructure including growth, stormwater facilities operations and municipal drains 
    • $2 million in stormwater management facilities 
  • $3 million for the Wet Weather Program to continue to develop a coordinated approach to wet weather flow management within the urban area and reduce flood risks
    • The Wet Weather Infrastructure Management Plan (WW-IMP) also conducts studies and assessments including ditch assessment, flood risk and control, infiltration and inflow
  • $7.75 million for sanitary and stormwater linear system improvements, condition assessments and flow monitoring
  • $4.5 million for slope stabilization of the Ottawa River along Ottawa Road 174 to protect against erosion during significant spring runoff 

Investing in Seniors

  • $350,000 formunicipal investment in the City Older Adult Plan to take coordinated and concrete actions to contribute to making Ottawa an age-friendly community through enhanced City services, facilities and programs that are accessible and responsive to the needs of older adults.

Recreation and Cultural Services

  • $29,190,000 citywide investment in the renewal of city assets including:
  • Upgrades to Alda Burt Park Comfort Station. This includes replacement of exterior doors and roof replacement
  • Lifecycle upgrades at Canterbury Community Centre
  • Structural investigation of Dale Little League building
  • Parking lot resurfacing, air handling system upgrades, and replacement of gymnasium floor at the Heron Road Multi Service Centre
  • $188,000 for the design of the parking lot and viewing platform/barrier removals at Jim Durrell Recreation Complex
    $903,000 for renewal of pool tile and deck at Canterbury Pool and Type II building condition audit
  • $281,000 for an accessibility upgrade to the changerooms at Brian Kilrea Arena
  • As part of a 1.96M city wide investment, the Billings Estate Museum Garage, the Main House, and the Smoke House will be audited for renewal works


  • $670,000 for bridge renewal at Bank St over Sawmill Creek
  • $335,000 for renewal of Culvert on Bank St over Sawmill Creek
  • Sidewalk renewal on Delmar Drive and Playfair Drive from Kilborn to Thistle and from Delmar to Beattie and on the east side of Belfast Rd in front of 865 and 925 Belfast as part of the Active Transportation Plan for 2024.
  • Traffic control, intersection modification, and construction of Bantree St. and Old Innes Rd.
  • As part of $5,734,000 investment in the renewal of waste water collection and pumping stations, the Walkley pump station electrical rehabilitation is in the design phase, with work planned to be completed by 2027

Ottawa Public Library:

  • $234,000 for the installation of a universal accessible washroom at the Alta Vista Public Library
  • $1.5M for the renewal of aging watermains and sanitary and storm sewers on Anoka-Edge Hill Place-Ridgemont. This is the funding for preliminary design phase. Work is not expected to be completed until 2029.


$30 million to construct integrated road-sewer-water projects, including on: 

  • Arch Street, Canterbury Drive and Plesser Street 
  • Bank Street, between Riverside Drive and Ledbury Avenue 
  • Riverside Drive sewers, south of Industrial Avenue 
    • Reinstatement work continuing to the end of November 2023, including street lighting and crosswalk repainting.

$6.5 million to design the Valley Drive integrated stormwater and sewer project:

  • Work is ongoing through Weston Park and onto Saunderson Drive. Curb sidewalks and civil works completed for Valley Drive and Pleasant Park. Surface work has been completed from Foley to Pleasant Park. Landscaping and reinstatement works are ongoing. 
  • Weston Park reinstatement to be completed Spring 2024, including wading pool.

$35,000 to renew the sidewalk on Tremblay Road east of Riverside Drive.

  • Renewal complete, final assessments underway. 

$180,000 to renew drainage culverts at Bourassa Street and Old Innes Road. 

  • Work to be completed by the end of December 2023. 

Parks, recreation, and culture 

$5.3 million to replace or rehabilitate parks, recreation, and cultural facilities, including: 

$2.9 million for roof and arena equipment at Jim Durrell Recreation Complex 

  • Repairs and improvements at Jim Durrell have been completed the recreation complex reopened completely as of November 2023. Roof replacement design ongoing and construction will be completed by fall 2024. 

$900,000 to replace roof and rooftop equipment at Alta Vista Library 

  • Design work ongoing, work to be completed December 2024. 

$350,000 to build a splash pad in the park beside Confederation Court

  • Design work is ongoing. My office continues to work closely with Parks staff and OCH on this file.

$697,000 to improve accessibility and add a splash at Coronation Park 

  • Work is ongoing until winter weather prevents further construction. Project expected to be completed by early summer 2024.

$350,000 to rebuild Sandalwood Park, as part of a $1 million investment 

  • Community consultation completed in 2023, project charter is being developed and design to be in early 2024.

$160,000 to replace heating equipment at Brian Kilrea Arena 

  • Lighting being upgraded in the arena, expected to be completed by January 31st, 2024. 


$28,302,506M for Municipal City Homelessness Funding allocated in 2023

  • Municipal funding portfolio made up of three former annual municipal funding portfolios (SSH, HHIP and other). Used for homelessness services, supports for housing, social housing repairs and housing benefits. Funding commitments for 2024 to be determined.

Ellwood House predevelopment funding

  • Ellwood house in the city’s affordable project pipeline. My office continues to work closely with the organization and the City on this file.  

Kilborn Place 

  • Approval from council to go ahead with purchase pending building condition audit. Building condition audit ongoing, with purchase expected to be finalized early 2024, and consultation and design to follow. 

Other Upgrades 

Eastway Gardens Integrated Renewal Project: 

  • The integrated renewal project along Ave N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U is substantiality completed with small service lateral work being completed. 

Road and Pathway Resurfacing:

Road resurfacing, ongoing into end of Nov 2023 including: 

  • Rolland Ave (Alta Vista to Neighbourhood Way) 
  • Featherston Dr (Ryder St to Kilborn Ave) 
  • Ryder St (Featherston Dr to Walkley) 
  • Collins Ave (Bank St to Grasmere Cr) 
  • Rolland Ave (Billings Ave to Crestview Rd) 
  • Multi use pathway from Pleasant Park to Lamira St.  
  • Innes between St. Laurent to west of Hwy 417  

Cracked Curb Repairs: 

  • 307 Smyth 
  • Smyth at Alta Vista  
  • Walkley at Cedarwood 

Alta Vista Sidewalks:

  • Patching ongoing, full replacement not possible. I continue to work directly with asset management and infrastructure staff to have the worst sections addressed while we wait for the Alta Vista Drive Renewal Project.