The Temporary Traffic Calming Measures (TTCM) Program facilitates the installation of effective, low-cost traffic calming measures that are temporary and/or seasonal in nature. These are quickly and easily installed and can be easily modified where applicable. TTCM offer safety solutions for areas that often do not meet criteria for permanent roadway modifications.

Each Ward Councillor is allocated an annual budget for TTCM. The budget for the 2023 fiscal year is approximately $60,000. The type of measure along with the implementation location is selected by the Ward Councillor following consultation with Ward residents and technical TTCM Program staff.

My office is working to develop a plan for implementing TTC measures over the course of my term. Currently, we are focusing on reducing speeds near schools and paths that are used to access school grounds, as well as areas where we are receiving a high volume of complaints where safety concerns have been identified. I understand that these are imperfect solutions, and from the feedback we have received to date, residents are split equally between supporting and not supporting the current and proposed traffic calming measures. This year we are primarily focusing on additional flashing speed boards, as those measures are some of the most impactful. For the remainder of the year, we will be compiling feedback on the current measures as well as taking resident requests for changes to TTC measures in 2024 and beyond. We are also conducting multiple traffic studies to inform future decisions. As such, we continue to welcome feedback via email or phone regarding the measures in the community to ensure we can address safety concerns to the best of our ability. You can expect to see a survey in my newsletter in late August or September soliciting feedback on traffic calming measures as we near the end of the season for TTC measures.

One question we often receive is regarding the request for speed humps. This measure is included in the TTC program; however, the cost is prohibitive. One speed hump will cost approximately $10,000. The TTC program does not do temporary speed humps. Throughout the city there have been cases where one speed hump has been placed, encouraging drivers to slow down directly before the speed hump then speed up for the rest of the street. As such, a single speed hump is not often recommended as a traffic calming measure and multiple are required for them to have the desired effect.