Today at Finance and Corporate Services Committee, the report “Acquisition of 1245 Kilborn Place” was supported. This will go to Council for voting on September 13. I also moved a direction to ensure staff continue to work with my office and the community on the future use and planning of this site if this purchase is finalized. This direction can be viewed below.

Questions were raised through correspondence with my office and at Committee in regards to the City’s Corporate Real Estate office and governing policies. Staff shared the following information in response: The City’s Corporate Real Estate Office is governed by the City’s Real Property Acquisition Policy and by the City’s delegated authority by-law. The acquisition policy does not require any public consultation when acquiring land for a City need. The delegated authority by-law requires any land acquisition over $2M to be approved by Council.  For that reason, this acquisition is before Committee and Council.

Direction to staff:  

The report “Acquisition of 1245 Kilborn Place” being presented to Finance and Corporate Services Committee on September 5, 2023 and to Council on September 13, 2023 outlines that the property is being purchased to support housing and social services needs over the long-term.  

Specifically, “Once purchased, the Property would be developed over the long-term into a supportive housing community hub focusing on transitions to housing and integrated with housing, social and, health services systems. The site would facilitate co-location of community and health services, development of a range of new housing options and, offer options for systems and resource coordination…To inform the design and services on-site, an extensive analysis, community consultation, business case and financial strategy development process will be developed with the housing and homelessness service sector and undertaken over the coming years.

  1. That staff work with the Ward Councillor and partners in the Housing and Homelessness Sector to design a comprehensive consultation process to inform the additional housing and services to be developed over the long-term on the site.   
  2. That staff ensure that the consultation process include opportunities for input from neighbourhood residents, housing, homelessness and social service sector partners, City departments and potential clients to be served at the site.   
  3. If committee and council approve the purchase, and the sale is finalized, that a project page on be established to provide updates on the project discussions as well as list the opportunities for providing input into the long-term use and development of the site. 
  4. That a report summarizing feedback and input from the consultation process be developed and made available publicly.  

The Finance and Corporate Services Committee meeting can be viewed here beginning at the 2:46:15 time stamp:

Meeting minutes can be found here: under the Finance and Corporate Services Committee tab.

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