Planning, Construction, and Infrastructure

Planning, construction, and infrastructure projects provide vital services to our community.  The City of Ottawa has many resources on its website to help you learn about ongoing and proposed development including development applications, construction, roads, and infrastructure projects.  There is also an interactive map  that provides details of planned construction projects.

Development Applications

The City posts an up-to-date database of active development applications and their status. A Development Application Search Tool  can help you locate development applications in your neighbourhood or ward, review reports and plans, and provide feedback.

Developing a Property?

If you are looking to develop or make changes to your property, visit the City of Ottawa website for information on the required applications.

Concerned About a Development?

Go to and have your say.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment gets its jurisdiction from The Planning Act of Ontario. Its application processes are distinct and separate from the city administration.  The Committee considers and makes decisions on:

  • applications for Minor Variances from the provisions of a Zoning By-law
  • applications for consent to “sever” a property, or for any agreement, mortgage or lease that extends for more than 21 years
  • applications for permission, which deal with the enlargement or extension of a building or structure that is legally non-conforming, or a change in non-conforming use
  • applications for Validation of Title and Power of Sale

Visit the Committee of Adjustment web page for more information