Over the last year, there has not been a lot of movement with respect to planning and development, however, things are starting to move again!   

Health Sector

There are a number of exciting developments happening in the Ward to expand health services. These include:

  • Ronald McDonald House
    • Construction is underway to expand Ronald MacDonald house from 14 suites to 36. You can read more on this project here
  • CHEO
    • Parking garage construction at CHEO has started as the first phase of the exciting 1Door4Care Integrated Treatment Centre. Once complete, there will be a new 6-storey, 200,000-square-foot building connected by a link to CHEO that will offer services for children and youth living with complex medical, developmental, behavioural and mental health needs.  
  • Schlegel Villages at Riverside Hospital
    • Work is about to begin on the development of Schlegel Villages at Riverside Hospital. You can read about this here: https://martycarrottawa.ca/riverside-hospital-redevelopment/. This week, fences were erected on the site to begin construction of the multi-use pathway that will allow for pedestrian and cycling access around the development. The fencing will also span along the train tracks behind the property to allow for the development of a concrete crash wall required to maintain safety on the construction site. This crash wall will require some minimal tree removal along the east side of the property. This work should be completed by the end of 2023, and will be the first of three phases of development. The second phase will commence once the multi-use pathway is complete and will consist of excavation of the majority of the parking lot on the north side of the site, while maintaining adequate staff and patron parking. 
  • UOttawa
    • UOttawa will be expanding their Smyth campus with an Advanced Medical Research Centre. This will increase capacity for research and clinical applications. The development will be built on the north side of the site between CHEO and UOttawa. This will be a step towards creating a robust Ottawa Health Innovation Hub to support health research and collaboration. We are expecting this application to be submitted shortly and uploaded to the Devapps website in coming weeks.

Eastway Gardens

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for news from the federal government on what will happen to 599 Tremblay Road. Without that, the Canada Lands Company proposal for 430 Tremblay remains on hold, as does the CLV proposal for two residential buildings at 1399 Avenue U.

We do have updates to share on the following files in the neighbourhood:

25 Pickering Place

Shovels should be in the ground for construction to begin in the Spring for the first two towers of a proposed mixed use development at the former Dustbane site.

294 and 300 Tremblay

The site plan has been approved for 294 and 300 Tremblay (the former home of the White Horse). Information on this file can be found here: https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/applications/D07-12-23-0128/details. Shovels are expected to be in the ground in Q1 of 2024 to begin the development of a six-story residential building.

St. Laurent & Elmvale Corridor

There is currently no movement on any of the Othello towers or the 1804 St. Laurent file. However, there has been movement on the following files:

1531 St. Laurent Blvd

The recommendations from the Urban Design Review Panel (UDRP) for the Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control Application of 1531 St. Laurent have been posted online. Key recommendations and details on the UDRP can be viewed here (the September 8th meeting).

1740, 1745, 1760 St Laurent

The plans are currently being reviewed by city staff and refined by the applicant, this includes both site plan control and a zoning bylaw amendment. More info here: https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/applications/D07-12-21-0177/details

1971-1975 St. Laurent

The additional three towers at 1971-75 St. Laurent have been approved. There was a consultation held on this application in 2022. This is an as of right build, meaning that no zoning amendment is required. More info here: https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/applications/D07-12-22-0044/details

Elmvale Mall

I have met with RioCan and they have let me know that a second building will not begin construction until 2026.


2750 & 2760 Sheffield Road, 2713 Lancaster Road, 2865 F Walkley Road

The City has received a site plan control application for the sites. The applicant is proposing to construct a new 10,564 sqm multi-tenant warehouse across 2760 Sheffield Rd & 2865 Walkley Rd. Documents can be viewed here: https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/search?s=activeOnly&t=sheffield&a=all&w=all&i=0&b=0,0,0,0&o=default&ob=asc#

Other sites

Developments throughout the ward have been slow to get shovels in the ground, but we do have the following updates to share

700 Coronation

The rezoning for this site has been approved. The site plan from 2020 hasn’t progressed forward since this past summer when the rezoning came into effect.

1495 Heron – Federal Study Centre

This application has been reviewed by city staff and is awaiting a response from the applicant based on staff comments. Documents can be viewed here: https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/applications/D02-02-23-0030/details

Outside of Ward 18

2370 Walkley

This site is across from the Tim Horton’s on Walkley road, just outside our ward, in Ward 10. This is a proposed development for townhomes. A new submission has been received by the City and will be uploaded on the Devapps website shortly. There are not any major changes beyond making more room for trees as requested by city staff following their initial review. The documents will be shared here: https://devapps.ottawa.ca/en/applications/D07-12-19-0164/details