The Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (NTC) Program focuses on addressing requests for permanent engineered traffic calming on existing local and collector streets within neighbourhoods. This Program is reserved for streets that cannot benefit from roadway modifications through other City Programs. The NTC program has a prioritization list and qualification process for streets that is done city wide. As such, it may take years once roads have been approved for traffic calming for measures to be implemented. This is not the Temporary Traffic Calming program which is done by the ward office and for which we have been soliciting feedback.

Current NTC project in Ward 18:  

Haig Drive from Smyth Road to Kilborn Avenue 

Other streets in ward 18 being reviewed for measures (priority is based on city wide need): 

Note this is an ever-evolving list, so new projects may come up that take priority.  
High priority: Expect to see studies begin over the next few years 

Street From To priority 
Saunderson Dr. Smyth Rd. Dead end High 
Dauphin Rd. Smyth Rd. Portage Ave Medium 
Playfair Dr Delmar Dr. Dunkirk Cres. E Medium 
Halifax Dr Saunderson Dr. Walkley Rd. Low 
Kilborn Ave. Alta Vista Dr. Lamira St. Low 
Kilborn Ave Featherston Dr. E Featherston Dr W Low 

Note: Playfair Drive has been selected to be accelerated. Consultation on the project will begin in August 2023.