On Thursday, August 10, 2023, a large rainfall event produced an average of 60 millimetres of rain throughout the city over a period of five hours, with a peak recorded volume of 107 millimetres.

Alta Vista has the highest rate of flood reporting due to the efforts of the community following this rainfall event. As of February 16, the City has received a total of 486 reports related to the August 10 flooding event. 180 of these, or 37%, happened in the Alta Vista ward.

City staff are undertaking further review and analysis of the flood reports in the hardest hit areas to assess potential options to reduce flood risk. The City’s investments total $337.8 million to support flood mitigation and climate resilience efforts.

The City’s response to flooding events includes response coordination and information gathering, conduct thorough analysis and data review, develop next steps and further investigation, and conducting follow-up studies. Further residential flooding information can be found on Ottawa Public Health’s website.

The following programs are being reviewed as a result of the motion I put forward after receiving feedback from the community. Further, two new flood mitigation programs are on their way as part of the Infrastructure Master Plan.

• Residential Protective Plumbing Program – Financial assistance to City residents for the installation of protective plumbing devices.
• Rain Ready Ottawa – Pilot program that offers home assessments to help property owners find ways to better manage rainwater on the property. This program is being reviewed as many Alta Vista residents to not qualify for this program currently. This program is ending its pilot phase and a new report for the program will be coming in April.
• Residential Compassionate Grant – Residents affected by flooding three or more times could be eligible for a grant of up to $1000 for sewer backups.

A comprehensive flood report is being put together by City officials and will be shared as soon as it is available. The City understands that communication before, during, and after a rainfall event need to be clear to ensure residents are prepared. Communications are kept up to date on the City’s Water Pooling and Flood Control page.