Ward investments in 2023


  • $30 million to construct integrated road-sewer-water projects, including on:
    • Arch Street, Canterbury Drive and Plesser Street
    • Bank Street, between Riverside Drive and Ledbury Avenue
    • Riverside Drive sewers, south of Industrial Avenue
  • $6.5 million to design the Valley Drive integrated stormwater and sewer project
  • $35,000 to renew the sidewalk on Tremblay Road east of Riverside Drive
  • $180,000 to renew drainage culverts at Bourassa Street and Old Innes Road

Parks, recreation and culture

  • $5.3 million to replace or rehabilitate parks, recreation and cultural facilities, including:
    • $2.9 million for roof and arena equipment at Jim Durrell Recreation Complex
    • $900,000 to replace roof and rooftop equipment at Alta Vista Library
    • $160,000 to replace heating equipment at Brian Kilrea Arena
    • $350,000 to build a splash pad in the park beside Confederation Court
    • $697,000 to improve accessibility and add a splash at Coronation Park
    • $350,000 to rebuild Sandalwood Park, as part of a $1 million investment


  • $2.9 million to upgrade OC Transpo facilities, including:
    • $330,000 to replace heating equipment at the Industrial Avenue bus garage facility
    • $660,000 to replace sprinkler systems and repair concrete at the north garage and office
    • $2 million to replace sprinkler system and roof equipment at the south garage


  • Continued investment in pre-development work for an addition to Ellwood House on Braeside Avenue with 32 affordable housing units