Thank you to all residents who have voiced their feedback on the proposed changes to the City’s curbside collection policy. As decided at the Council meeting of June 14, the revised policy concludes that residential waste will be limited to three items every two weeks. This reduces the current curbside item limit of 6 bags in half. This will mean little to no change for most residents who are already placing approximately 2 items curbside bi-weekly, while providing flexibility as required.

This is just one piece of the ongoing work on developing a new Solid Waste Master plan, that aims to increase diversion throughout the city. More information is to follow as staff develop the implementation plan and will be shared widely ahead of the program roll-out in July 2024. As a member of the Councillor Sponsors Group for the Solid Waste Master Plan, I will continue to work closely with staff on this file to increase options for diversion for all residents across the city.

You can find a clip here to the City Council meeting of June 14: