My office has received many requests to improve cycling infrastructure in Alta Vista. The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Part 1 includes a list of priority projects to improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure throughout our City. There are a significant number of projects identified in Ward 18.

Currently, these projects are unfunded, but are priorities for city construction over the next 25 years. Other programs such as Neighbourhood Traffic Calming, and integrated sewer, road sewer and watermain reconstruction projects include permanent features for active transportation. Please note that these construction projects are not included in the TMP.

I am aware that Kilborn Avenue is a road of particular concern in our ward. Kilborn is on the City’s list for neighborhood traffic calming, but as that list is prioritized city wide, it is currently slated to have designs begin in 5+ years. In the meantime, we are using the methods through temporary traffic calming to try to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety along Kilborn Ave. This year, flex stakes will be implemented down the centerline of the road, as well as intermittent delineators. This will create a bike lane along all Kilborn Ave. While this is not a perfect solution, it is something that we are hoping will provide additional safety and encourage cycling as we wait for permanent measures. Your feedback is important! Based on the feedback we received this year, we will make the decision on whether or not we will reinstate the bike lane delineators on Kilborn Ave in following years. I understand these measures have both positive and negative impacts for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists, so please be sure to share your feedback to allow us to make an informed decision moving forward.